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Aquasonic Ultrasound GEL/ECG Gel/ Ultrasonic Gel/Ultrasound GelMeet EU Standard;OEM is OK;Type:1.250ml/bottle:40bottles/carton,Carton size: 41x26x20cm,G. W.: 11KG, N. W.: 10KG.2.5000ml/cask:2cask/carton,Carton size: 37x20x25cm,G. W.: 11KG, N. W.: 10KG3.Other packing:1)2500ml/cask, 6cask/carton,Carton size: 34x32x25cm,G. W.: 17KG

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Aquasonic Ultrasound GEL/ECG Gel/ Ultrasonic Gel/Ultrasound Gel
Meet EU Standard;
OEM is OK;
Carton size: 41x26x20cm,
G. W.: 11KG, N. W.: 10KG.
Carton size: 37x20x25cm,
G. W.: 11KG, N. W.: 10KG
Other packing:
1)2500ml/cask, 6cask/carton,
Carton size: 34x32x25cm,
G. W.: 17KG, N. W.: 15KG
2)1gallon/cask, 2cask/carton,
Carton size: 29x26x31cm,
G. W.: 10.5KG, N. W.: 9.5KG.
Main materials: Water-soluble high polymer.
Ultrasound inspect medium, can be used with type A, B, M, or D ultrasonic diagnostic instrument.
It is applicable to the clinical pathologic inspect for the department of obstetrics and gynecology, digestion, urinary and nervous systems.
Better sound transmission, distinctive image display.
No toxic and irritant effect.
No damage and corrosion to the ultrasound probe.
Technical Parameters:
Sound Speed 1520-1620m/s
Sound Impedance Frequency 1.5× 106-1.7× 106Pa. S/m
Sound Attenuation ≤ 0.05dB/cm. MHz
Viscosity≥ 15Pa. S
PH Value 5.5-8
Method of Application:
During the ultrasonic examination, squeeze the coupling gel and apply it directly on the diagnostic position. Upon scanning by the ultrasonic instrument, a clear image may be acquired. After completing the examination, wipe out the remaining coupling agent with tissue paper.
Term of Validity: Three year.
Aquasonic Ultrasound GEL/ECG Gel/ Ultrasonic Gel/Ultrasound Gel

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